My passion is Senior Portraiture; yet I enjoy photographing children, couples and families as well.

Our relationship will begin with a consultation to discuss the upcoming shoot, i.e., the subject(s), clothing, location, etc., in addition to your desired outcome, including a budget. Once I have prepared your images after the shoot, we will meet for a viewing and select your order.

In order to confirm your appointment, I charge a non-refundable deposit of $75 for a 1-hour session, and $125 for two hours. All orders are customized to your needs; therefore I do not have set price packages. Please contact me for individual pricing and discount options based on the quantity ordered.

No, I do not provide a CD. I take pride in the work I do and the time spent creating the images. Should I release them onto a CD, I no longer have control of those images….where they are processed for prints, or if an image(s) itself has been altered. It is my name on those images and for the integrity of my work, I need to protect them.

Most certainly, a variety of products are available in addition to prints. Photo cards / announcements, professional grade canvases, stylish metal prints, and more…..

Should your appointment be cancelled due to unforeseen weather conditions, I will make every effort to reschedule you as soon as possible. My time is valuable, and if for any other reason you need to reschedule, those situations will be decided on a case by case basis. Please keep in mind, a second session fee may be applied in order to reschedule an appointment when cancelled by the client.

All shoots are done outdoors, on location. I have locations I often frequent with clients, but am open to suggestion as well. Mileage above 30 miles will include an additional fee.

Sure! If you bring a pet(s), please make sure you have an additional person to help. Treats or a toy to grab your pet’s attention always helps. Please make sure your pet has a leash and a potty bag! Should you want to bring an instrument, sports equipment, or anything else you want to include, that is no problem.

Please see the link to my Pinterest account on my website; I have created a variety of boards. I recommend 2-3 outfit changes for individual sittings, and coordinating outfits are helpful. Boys, dark shoes and socks are best…lighter shoes draw attention to the camera. Girls, be aware of bra straps, and a nude bra is best under light colored tops. Bring a bandeau or strapless bra if needed. Make-up should be applied heavier than normal, but don’t overdo it. Bring extra lip gloss, etc. Be conscious of tan lines, and spray tans often radiate orange tones. Fingernails and toenails (if visible) should be painted, or nothing at all. For all, Chapstick is a great way to keep lips moist. Families, coordination is key…matchy-matchy is out! See the Family board on my Pinterest account for a variety of suggestions.

I am happy to have a consultation and create a card from a reputable company of your choosing. An additional fee will be applied to the total cost charged by that company. Upon request, I will provide you with one, reduced quality image (still very nice!), to be used on the Internet.

The release form is a contract authorizing permission from the assignee(s) for the use and publishing of images to be used for advertising, publicity, internet websites, or other lawful uses as determined by Lisa Michele Photography.

All copyrights to photographs by Lisa Michele Photography are reserved and protected under Federal Law. It is illegal to copy, scan or alter them without my written permission. The moment the photograph is taken, the copyright comes into existence and does not need to be registered or marked with a copyright to take effect. Transfer of the copyright’s ownership to another individual must be outlined in writing.

At this time, you will need to contact me directly in order to make a Gallery image purchase. In the future, I may provide the ability for these images to be purchased directly from my website. Stay tuned for updates on the Proofs tab!

Individual pricing is based on the particular size and product ordered. Please contact me directly for details.

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